Human Resources and Innovation

The tasks of a human resources department are many. In addition to dealing with the hiring, firing, and managing of personnel, the human resources team also has to keep up to date with employment laws on the local, state, and federal levels. Targeted technologies have been a real aid in increasing human resources efficiency, assisting in the increasingly complex tasks that fall into the responsibilities associated with the department.

Not As Simple As It Used To Be

Hiring personnel is not as simple as it used to be, not with the increasing burden of regulations and the evolving body of employment laws. No longer is hiring just a matter of finding a person with the desired skill set and talents. A business that hires according to the recommendations, for example, of people already working for them can find itself accidentally out of compliance with the EEOC.

That’s because employees are most likely to know people like themselves, within their own network of family and friends, which could result in a workplace that lacks diversity. It could even end up looking like a business deliberately screens out certain types of employment candidates, when in actuality, the business is just dealing with people it knows, or rather are known by the employees they already have. Technology, however, offers innovative solutions for such human resources challenges.

Using efficient and affordable solutions like recruitment tracking software and an applicant tracking system makes it easier to find talented and skilled potential employees outside of the usual network. Many business owners value the innovative potentials of a diverse labor force and will appreciate the widening of the recruitment net. Tracking made simple by sophisticated information sharing and real time data makes employment law compliance much easier with the additional advantage of increasing efficiency without investing excessive manpower hours.

Ease the Complexities of Compliance

Maintaining compliance with all federal, state, and local employment laws is not an easy process. It’s not as though key members of the human resource department team can learn the requirements once and be done with them. The body of law is continuously evolving, with new interpretations and applications of existing employment law, as well as new regulations. Protected classes expand, such as is the case with the addition of obese people to those protected by some disability regulations.

Again, technology steps in with innovative solutions for human resources departments, providing methods to ease the complexities and challenges involved in maintaining employment law compliance. In addition to technologies aimed at helping to ensure hiring practices meet regulatory demands, there are targeted applications to assist in ensuring that employment law knowledge is up to date at all times